Costa Blanca Bike Race 2021 will implement new areas to be discovered by bikers who dare to conquer the BTT paradise of Costa Blanca (Alicante).

For all those who contest the CBBR Full (4 stages), you start with the assault the steep skirts of bernia, guided by trails of medium high difficulty, not because it is an extremely technical area, but because of its hardness on the climbs, in a very irregular terrain that will test strength and balance.

After this initial stage, we will take you to dispute the clock, which will take you from the church of Altea, an unparalleled tourist point of view, where you can see your destination on the top of Altea. To get to this point you will have to face steep climbs between trails and asphalt, experiencing the slow ones that pass the 17 km that the stage consists of.

At the weekend they will join all the bikers of CBBR Full (4 stages), the bikers of the Half CBRR (2 stages), to contest the classic queen stage that will take us from Altea, by trails, trialeras, tracks, of high difficulties, where as always the experience will surpass you, feeling wonderfully complete after crossing the finish line in Polop Castle.

Already in the final stage, you will have another assumed challenge, a rolling stage in its first kilometers, which reach the dam of the Guadalest reservoir, you will begin to ascend to the Font de Partagaz, more than 1000 meters of continuous ascent. Reached the highest point of the stage, you will descend on slopes and trails to the base of the river algar, to complete the stage by the place of the Manden before crossing the finish line of Costa Blanca Bike Race 2021.

We leave you a link to the profile data and other information for you to study, making the idea and motivating you for your trains.

CBBR FULL Stages (

CBBR HALF Stages (

Remember that the date of celebration is between November 4 and 7 for CBBR Full and November 6 7 for CBBR Half. If you have not requested a refund of your registration, you should know that you have until Sunday, April 11 to request a refund for the deferment to November.

CBBR 2021 team

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