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Don’t think twice and take advantage of the rooms at the Hotel Cap Negret – Altea that continue to fly for the dates on which the Costa Blanca Bike Race will take place.

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Route and data of the stages Costa Blanca Bike Race 2021

Costa Blanca Bike Race 2021 will implement new areas to be discovered by bikers who dare to conquer the BTT paradise of Costa Blanca (Alicante).

For all those who contest the CBBR Full (4 stages), you start with the assault the steep skirts of bernia, guided by trails of medium high difficulty, not because it is an extremely technical area, but because of its hardness on the climbs, in a very irregular terrain that will test strength and balance.

After this initial stage, we will take you to dispute the clock, which will take you from the church of Altea, an unparalleled tourist point of view, where you can see your destination on the top of Altea. To get to this point you will have to face steep climbs between trails and asphalt, experiencing the slow ones that pass the 17 km that the stage consists of.

At the weekend they will join all the bikers of CBBR Full (4 stages), the bikers of the Half CBRR (2 stages), to contest the classic queen stage that will take us from Altea, by trails, trialeras, tracks, of high difficulties, where as always the experience will surpass you, feeling wonderfully complete after crossing the finish line in Polop Castle.

Already in the final stage, you will have another assumed challenge, a rolling stage in its first kilometers, which reach the dam of the Guadalest reservoir, you will begin to ascend to the Font de Partagaz, more than 1000 meters of continuous ascent. Reached the highest point of the stage, you will descend on slopes and trails to the base of the river algar, to complete the stage by the place of the Manden before crossing the finish line of Costa Blanca Bike Race 2021.

We leave you a link to the profile data and other information for you to study, making the idea and motivating you for your trains.

CBBR FULL Stages (

CBBR HALF Stages (

Remember that the date of celebration is between November 4 and 7 for CBBR Full and November 6 7 for CBBR Half. If you have not requested a refund of your registration, you should know that you have until Sunday, April 11 to request a refund for the deferment to November.

CBBR 2021 team


Costa Blanca Bike Race opens registrations on September 28, 2021

Costa Blanca Bike Race launches its race this next September 28. The event, which in the 2021 edition will celebrate its seventh edition, will take place on the trails of the Costa Blanca from January 28 to 31, with the event’s headquarters being the Hotel Cap Negret located in the Alicante municipality of Altea.

Costa Blanca Bike Race has become a classic on the international mountain bike scene, it is the place where after the winter period all the bikers on the national and international scene want to debut, and for this reason it is chosen as the first competition on the UCI calendar of the season within the UCI S2 Category.

This edition is the edition of hope, after a very complicated 2020 for everyone and marked by uncertainty, the organizers wanted to keep faith high and send a message of hope to all mountain bike lovers, as pointed out by the director of the Fermin Egido competition. “This year we want our race to be an element of hope, a reason for bikers, a reason to get up with joy, a goal that gives hope and returns the desire to ride a bike and to be better. In these times of unease and uncertainty, clinging to a goal that motivates us will make us better in all areas of our lives ” As for the race format for this edition, it changes slightly, becoming individual, the organization has chosen to change the format from couples to individual in an exceptional way for this 2021, however the option to participate in pairs will continue. As for the routes and news for the seventh edition, the Costa Blanca Bike Race will have 4 stages, of which 1 of them will be a chrono, going up to the mythical Albir antennas that includes the now classic, hardest paved kilometer in Europe.

The rest remain undisclosed until the last moment, but it is possible to advance that they will be new stages with a length of between 45 and 65 km with positive slopes ranging from 1500 to 2100 meters. All the stages are marked by the type of territory already characteristic of the Costa Blanca full of trails and trails that will not leave any biker indifferent. As for the main venue, for the third year it is once again the Hotel Cap Negret, considered the best cycling hotel in Europe and with more than 400 exclusive places for the race, without a doubt the best option to experience a biker environment like never before. seen, Pepe Alvado, co-owner of the hotel tells us “January is a special month for the hotel, bikers from all over the world are beginning to arrive to start the season in Altea due to the great weather and tours that we have, everyone at the hotel is passionate about mtb and we live the arrival of the CBBR with real enthusiasm, that is why we put the best of each one to live a unique atmosphere, because for a few days we are the world capital of mountain biking “All stages will have different routes but with departure and finish a few minutes from the hotel.

The Costa Blanca Bike Race territory that includes municipalities such as Polop, Altea, Finestrat, Alfas del Pí, La Nucia, Callosa de in Sarriá … is committed to positioning itself as the world capital of mountain biking, and that is why many international teams choose the area to your winter preparation. Costa Blanca Bike Race in alliance with the Cap Negret hotel launches a proposal for accommodation and training in packages ranging from 4 to 15 days with prices from € 38 per day in full board, in this way a unique opportunity to live and train as the professionals.

Faithful to the proposal to excite the Costa Blanca Bike Race adapts its format in this edition to be a safe race in every way. Regarding the COVID 19 prevention systems, the race will have a strict prevention protocol to which it is added that each participant will have a PCR test included in their registration. Likewise, to give more security to the bikers, in case of not being able to participate due to COVID or if the race should be postponed for this reason, the organization will return the registration fee. The registration opening will take place on September 28 at 12 am Spanish time on the web

Compex ofrecerá el servicio de recuperación en la Costa Blanca Bike Race 2019

Estará disponible de forma gratuita para todos los participantes de todas las modalidades.

Es el 1r año que Compex está presente en la cita.

Por primera vez Compex España estará presente en la Costa Blanca Bike Race, prueba del calendario UCI que llega a su 5ª edición y que se disputará en las modalidades de Full, Half y Ride en 4 o 2 etapas según el nivel de exigencia que se hay marcado cada uno. La competición se dará cita del próximo 31 de enero hasta el 3 de febrero.

Los atletas al finalizar cada etapa encontrarán la zona de recuperación dónde Compex estará realizando su servicio de recuperación activa mediante los electroestimuladores Compex SP 8.0 y Compex SP 6.0, las mejores gamas de la línea Sport, y que te permitirán que puedas encarar la siguiente etapa mejor de lo que habías pensado.

¡Mucha suerte a todos los bikers participantes!

Sobre la electroestimulación Compex

Compex favorece y acelera la recuperación muscular después de un esfuerzo intenso para reducir la fatiga. La electroestimulación ayuda a eliminar los desechos de la contracción muscular, gracias a un fuerte aumento del flujo sanguíneo, el alivio del dolor, y relajar y contraer los músculos, además de reducir las agujetas y aumentar los beneficios del entrenamiento y la progresión del deportista. 

Dispone de multitud de funciones, entre las que destacan sus programas de preparación física, incrementación del rendimiento deportivo, recuperación y rehabilitación muscular.

Carlos Coloma confirms his participation in Costa Blanca Bike Race

After the Olympic medal obtained in the games of Rio, Carlos Coloma faces a new year at the highest level and has chosen the Costa Blanca Bike Race as his first race in the season.

Coloma pairs up with Catriel Soto to be a priori in the top positions.
Along with this powerful pair, the team Primaflor Mondraker brings to the competition other famous bikers such as Mario Costa, Raiza Goulao, Joana Monterino, Milton Ramon, Ramón Sagues, Jesús del Nero and José Simon.



Algunas buenas razones para usar creatina en pruebas de larga distancia

Aunque históricamente la creatina se haya asociado sobre todo a otros deportes como el culturismo por potenciar el crecimiento muscular extensivo, la realidad es que también tiene algunas propiedades perfectas para las pruebas de resistencia y de larga distancia, como Costa Blanca Bike Race.

La Creatina es una proteína necesaria para formar Fosfocreatína, una molécula formada por aminoácidos responsables de la transmisión de eneregía a nuestros músculos.

Razones por las que la creatína nos hará mejorar nuestro rendimiento en una pueba como Costa Blanca Bike Race

– Intensifica los picos de esfuerzo. Esto es algo que nos vendrá perfecto para los puntos de la carrera con más exigencia, y con mayor desnivel

– Mayor tolerancia a las altas intensidades. Al disponer de más energía y capacidad para desepeñar picos de esfuerzo, si combinamos la toma de Creatína con un entrenamiento adecuado, podremos desarrollar esta mayor tolerancia

– Retrasa la fatiga muscular. Sobre todo en esfuerzos intermitentes y de mayos exigencia, como algunos que nos encontarremos en Costa Blanca Bike Race.

– Reduce la acidez en el músculo. Con esto logramos porder incrementar la carga de entrenamiento, permitiendo realizar más repeticiones a la misma intensidad con recuperaciones más cortas.

– Aumenta los niveles de glucógeno muscular. POr este motivo nos asegura disponer de más “gasolina” para aguantar.


Pero, dónde encontramos Creatína?

En pescados azules como el atún, el salmón y arenques. También en la carne de cerdo y reses. Entre 4 y 10 gramos de creatina por kilo.

También podemos ingerir Creatina a través del Recovery Drink 226ERS, que contiene 3 gramos de Creatina por toma, combinada con proteínas, carbohidratos y aminoácidos. Esta proporción asegura una reducción del tiempo de recuperación y la pérdida de masa muscular sin incurrir en el aumento excesivo de esta, ni en retención de líquidos que podría provocar un aumento de peso

The Olimpic Champion, Anna van der Breggen confirms her participation in the Costa Blanca Bike Race

.We continue to confirm very special participants to the 2017 edition of the Costa Blanca Bike Race. The last to join the race is the Olympic champion of road cycling in Rio de Janeiro, Anna van der Breggen. The Dutchwoman will pair with the French professional Margot Moschetti.

The date of the Costa Blanca Bike Race, the routes and the weather are the essential factors why these two cyclists have opted for our race to compete.
In this way, Vand der Breggen and Moschetti present their candidacy to be one of the favorites to win the race in women’s discipline.



Margot Moschetti

226ERS will energise all the participants of the Costa Blanca Bike Race

226ERS is for the third consecutive year the brand of nutrition chosen to charge the participants of the Costa Blanca Bike Race.

The quality of its products and its commitment to natural ingredients make 226ERS a safe bet for any sporting event, and even more so if it is a staged race, for its specialization in long distance products.
All CBBR participants will receive specific products in addition to special discounts at the special stand of the brand that will be present during the 4 days of competition.
With this, the energy of the corridors is totally safe.