1. What to eat the night before

Dinner before D day is not the day to indulge in pasta.  You should eat normal daily energy food which you are used to, but not too heavy.

The day before the event you’ll probably have to travel, look for the hotel, collect your racer number and electronic chip.  You’ve probably have to head out somewhere to “degrease the machine”.  To make up for all the stress, you should take muscle recovery with amino acids.  Night Recovery Cream was designed to regenerate muscles during sleep, it also regulates anxiety, insomnia and stress.  

2. D-Day Breakfast

You have to wake up early and if you’ve done your homework you’ll have all of your equipment ready, if not, you’ll have to rush to get it all ready.

It’s important to eat protein.  An easy and quick way is to eat K-Weeks Immune, it contains 68.7g of protein per 100g.  It contains collagen, royal jelly, echinacea, guarana, and other components that help strengthen your tendons, soft tissues and immune system.

3. One hour before the start

It takes 1 hour for your body to absorb the nutrients and take them “onboard”.

If you want to start with a full tank and prevent a fast start leaving you empty, take Energy Drink or Energy Drink SUB-9 during the 60 minutes before the start.  Then, if the race is over 90 minutes, fill a bottle with Energy Drink and if it is more than 4 hours, fill it with Energy Drink SUB-9.

4. Before you start

Leading up to the competition you should have run a hydration plan, this is as a supplement to taking minerals and salts before and during the race. By taking Electrolyte Salt capsule or SUB-9 Salt capsules you’ll avoid having to worry about hydration during at least the first hour of the race. 

If the competition involves an explosive start, you should take a Coffee Start Energy Gel with around 300ml of water to help its absorption.  This will give you the initial stimulation your muscles need to quickly respond.

Good luck everyone!

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