CBBR Physiotherapy Services 2022

*To contract the services associated with the race, you must be previously registered for one of the established competitions, CBBR FULL (4 STAGES) or CBBR HALF (2 STAGES), without this prior registration you will not be able to hire these services.


Physiotherapy service (CBBR Full) – € 150.00
Physiotherapy service (CBBR Half) – € 75.00


Physiotherapy / mechanical pack (CBBR Full) – Offer € 250.00 (only 100 first reservations) / € 275.00
Physiotherapy / mechanical pack (CBBR Half) – Offer € 75.00 (only 100 first reservations) / € 160.00

Keys to our service

The objective of this service is to offer you the necessary attention so that you can achieve your challenge with the best care by our professionals. For this, we offer you the following services.

  • Hiring of services from the days prior to the start of the competition.
  • At the beginning of the stages, we will be in the starting area to carry out muscle activation and apply warming cream.
  • You have 4 massage sessions during the event, as a basic service. If you need other options, requested and we plan them.
  • After the stages, request your time to have it on the agenda.
  • Physiotherapy services will last between 30-40 minutes per session.
  • We will use manual techniques, moderate and intense friction, palm pressures, vibration techniques, dynamic mobilizations and / or stretching, all of this applied depending on the state you are in.
  • The services are personal and non-transferable.
  • All the material is included, creams, kinessiotape oils, bandages, etc.

* To contract this service you must be registered in one of the CBBR FULL or CBBR HALF competitions.
* Our staff are qualified professionals.
* It is mandatory to comply with our COVID-19 protocol.
* The services are subject to possible changes due to conditions external to us (ASIC)