This is not the news that we would like to give you today, we have been desiging new routes for many months, preparing protocols, working side by side with public administrations, municipalities, health authorities and staff …

After the difficult year that we had, we were more eager than ever for the Costa Blanca Bike Race to take place on the scheduled date, from April 15 to 18, but given the exceptional circumstances that our country ( Spain)  is experiencing and especially the Valencian Community, we must put our hearts aside to appeal to responsibility, postponing the test to a new, much safer date, from November 4 to 7.

 This decision has been very thoughtful and is based on our responsibility that goes beyond sports, to ensure the safety of the almost 900 bikers, 150 staff and the inhabitants of the 11 municipalities involved in our test.

The figures that surround the event are high in terms of the concentration of people, more than 1,000 directly. For this reason, a start an event of such magnitude would contravene the legislation established regarding the holding of sporting competitions and the measures extended yesterday by the Valencian Government that extend until April 12, that limit the concentration of people.


We are aware that other similar events will be held in our Community, to which of course, we wish all the luck in the world, but our participation numbers are much higher and with them the risks, and we did not want to make the decision to leave anyone out limiting participation. For all this, and although we feel like it, we have to be consistent with the effort that all citizens are making to contain the virus. We have sacrificed hugs, meetings with our loved ones, holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and for this reason we believe that we must continue in the same line making one last effort to recover as soon as possible the long-awaited normality for all.

Fermin Egido

Costa Blanca Bike Race Director