*To contract the services associated with the race, you must be previously registered for one of the established competitions, CBBR FULL (4 STAGES) or CBBR HALF (2 STAGES), without this prior registration you will not be able to hire these services.


Mechanical service (CBBR Full) – € 125.00
Mechanical service (CBBR Half) – € 68.00


Physiotherapy / mechanical pack (CBBR Full) – Offer € 250.00 (only 100 first reservations) / € 275.00
Physiotherapy / mechanical pack (CBBR Half) – Offer € 130.00 (only 100 first reservations) / € 193.00

Mechanical services.-

  • We assemble the bike, you bring it to her in a box and we finish the set-up to start the competition.
  • We will be at the starts to check pressures and carry out final adjustments prior to the competition.
  • After the stage you can leave us the bike, to clean, check and leave it ready for the next stage.
  • On the last day, we clean it, grease it and if you need it we pack it for transport.
  • Labor, cleaning and greasing products are included.
  • Spare parts and other materials will be charged separately.
  • To ensure stock of spare parts, you must send us the data of your bicycle, once you contract the service.
  • The service is personal and non-transferable.
  • We have a team of professional bicycle mechanics

* All these services are subject to possible changes due to conditions external to us (ASIC).
* To contract this service it is necessary to be registered in the CBBR FULL or CBBR HALF competitions.